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Pressure Cooking Potatoes Turns Bad Starch Good

As the research is revealing Resistant Starch is of key importance to feed our Microbiota (healthy gut bugs). Eating with mindfulness to increase diversity, population and variety is so important to re-gaining and maintaining our health! Read more here!

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North to South Through the Gut – What Can Go Wrong?

We live in a time of unprecedented abundance of food and medical advances yet we are sicker than ever. It is considered normal to suffer from insomnia, PMS, depression, chronic pain, heartburn, constipation, diarrhea, and so on. But in reality these are our bodies’ warning signs that something is wrong. “All disease begins in the gut,” said Hippocrates. Understanding digestion helps you understand why you stay well or get sick. From north to south Digestion starts in the brain. When your brain gets the message you’re about to eat, it turns on the parasympathetic “rest and digest” part of the nervous system to prepare the organs for their jobs. When we eat while distracted, busy, or anxious our saliva won’t...

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