Have you been suffering from pain or chronic illness for years?

When you come to me for chiropractic adjustments to alleviate neck, back, stomach, and head pain, I can provide relief.

But as a chiropractor who practices Functional Medicine, I know that pain is a symptom of an underlying cause, signaling that the body is out of balance. Pain is one way the body communicates that something is wrong and needs our attention.

And I want you to get better- without relying on antibiotics, drugs, or surgery. I can show you a more effective, natural approach to healing.

I’m Dr. Julie Martin, and my progressive approach to health and healing combines over 25 years of experience with the current research and latest technology in diagnostics to personalize your treatment plan and reverse chronic illness.

When you work with me, you tap into my comprehensive medical training in both conventional and natural medicine. I did my undergraduate studies in Biology and Chemistry at the State University of New York in Cortland, where I played college basketball. After working alongside a husband-and- wife chiropractic team in Colorado, I knew I wanted to practice chiropractic medicine to help others experience the regenerative power of the body. I enrolled in the Palmer Chiropractic College and became a doctor.

I bring my extensive medical knowledge together to offer an integrated approach to your healthcare. With post-graduate training in Sports Medicine, Comprehensive Nutrition, and a certificate in Acupuncture, I’m passionate about continuing my education to incorporate a variety of leading natural therapies in my practice. I've been fortunate to train with world-renowned practitioners in Functional Medicine, including Chris Kresser through the Kresser Institute's ADAPT program for clinicians.

I utilize therapies in chiropractic care, diet, methylation support, detoxification, herbal medicine, lifestyle changes, and supplements based on your individual needs to restore proper function and balance.

Through chiropractic care, genetic testing, lab and blood work, I practice evidence-based medicine that supports your body’s own ability to heal and regenerate.

The path to healing takes effort, and there are no quick fixes, but together we can get you back to health.

To start your path to healing, call our Bend clinic anytime with questions or schedule a visit today.